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Northwood namesakes and citizens

Included amongst Northwood’s Fourth festivities were the annual Miss and Mister Northwood and Citizen Awards. Pictured at left are (from left) Jr. Mr. Northwood Gage Tenold, Miss Northwood Kaitlain Meyerhofer, Jr. Miss Northwood Kayla Branstad, Mr. Northwood Jacob Krull, Little Mr. Northwood Hayden Moore and Little Miss Northwood Addyson Bachtle.

Pictured below is the 2009 Northwood Citizen Award winner, Dennis Johnson.

WCDA school gift cards available July 17 - Aug. 21

The Worth County Development Authority (WCDA) will once again distribute gift cards to Worth County parents to purchase school supplies for their children. In its third year, the WCDA's school supply gift card program will offer parents more supply-purchase freedom, while allowing the WCDA to better ensure that the gift cards are spent on school supplies. Gift cards will be available for $75, and may be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. This year, every card will be checked to verify the integrity of the program. Any parent or student that uses the cards for other items may not receive gift cards for the next school year. The gift cards will be available next Friday, July 17, through Friday, August 21, at the WCDA office in Northwood, located at 91 Eighth Street North. Parents must pick up the cards and must present a valid ID to prove their Worth County residency. New students must register before picking up their cards and must bring the registration papers with them.

4th Duck Race winners

One of the highlights of each year's Fourth of July festivities is an unusual race of rubber ducks down the Shell Rock River in Swensrud Park, courtesy the Northwood Lions Club. The race is a fundraiser for the local Lions, with winners splitting money collected. The winners of this year's Lions Club Duck Race included Lloyd Madson, who won $400; Ann Bell, who won $200; Dianne Johnson, who won $100; and $25 Northwood dollars winners, Craig Lease, Harold Mehus, Barb Jensen, Jon Butler, Neva Julseth, Rosie Kruger, Dennis Hildman, Rommelle Enderson, Gloria Kennedy and Dan Metcalf.

4-H Ribbon Sale nets $40,500 for youth

The Worth County Fair once again closed out with the 2009 Worth County Fair 4-H Livestock Ribbon Sale. The annual sale raises money for local 4-H youth and the 4-H program. A total of $40,500 was paid for 120 ribbons, for an average price of $337.50, rewarding area youth for their hard work and allowing ribbon buyers to show their support of local 4-H and FFA programs. "Top dollar" this year went to Courtney Hengesteg, of Northwood, who received $625 from Diamond Jo Casino for the blue ribbon that she earned in the Junior Swine Show. The livestock category that brought in the most sales was the Junior Beef Show. A total of $12,750 was paid by 36 bidders with an average price of $354.17 paid per ribbon. The top Junior Beef Show sale went to Shea Kruger, of Grafton, who received $600. Ed and Maxine Kruger purchased her blue ribbon. A total of 34 ribbons from the Junior Swine Show were sold for a total of $12,525, with an average price of $368.38 per ribbon. In the Junior Sheep Show, 33 ribbons sold for a total of $10,450, at an average of $316.67 per ribbon. The top Junior Sheep Show sale also went to Shea Kruger, who received $525 from Gail and Sharon Gordon for her Champion Ewe and Reserve Market Lamb ribbons. A total of 11 ribbons earned in the Junior Goat Show were sold for a total of $2,925, for an average of $265.91 per ribbon. The top Junior Goat Show sale went to Terran Haberman, of Northwood, who received $325. Haberman's Reserve Junior Showman ribbon was purchased by Kenison Construction. Total sales in the dairy division reached $1,850. A total of six bidders paid an average of $308.33 apiece for ribbons from the dairy show. The top Junior Dairy Show ribbon bid went to Michelle Medlang, of Kensett, who received $375 from Worth Mutual in Northwood for her Supreme Champion and Senior Champion Brown Swiss ribbons.

Iowa transportation plan includes projects in Worth County for pavement rehabilitation

The Iowa Transportation Commission recently approved a five year plan for the improvement of the state's transportation infrastructure. Included in that plan are improvement projects in and near Northwood. The fiscal year 2010-2014 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program details funding sources and processes, as well as the projects that transportation funding will support. A major component of the program is the highway section. The total amount of federal and state funds forecasted to be available for highway right-of-way acquisition and construction during the program's five-year span is $2.1 billion, based on expected state revenues. The highway section of the program focuses investments towards the implementation of four objectives. The first objective is to maintain and preserve the existing highway system and its features. The Commission allocated an annual average of $232 million for those purposes. That includes $104 million annually for preserving the interstate system, $78 million annually for non-interstate pavement preservation projects, $36 million annually for non-interstate bridge preservation and replacement projects and $14 million annual in safety improvements. Of those moneys, $16,213,000 will be spent in Worth County, on projects labeled as "pavement rehab." The majority of that will be spent on Interstate 35, on improvements projected to take place in 2013. That includes $11,820,000 to be spent on 8.3 miles of interstate on the northbound lanes between the Manly and Northwood exits. An additional $4,292,000 will be spent on two miles northbound and two miles southbound between the Northwood exit and the Minnesota border. The program also includes $100,000 to be spent in Northwood in 2010, on a stretch of Highway 65. That likely refers to Iowa DOT plans to improve Highway 65 from where they will finish their work this summer, to the top of the hill on Northwood's south side. That extension of the DOT project was discussed at meetings of the Northwood City Council earlier this year. The remaining objectives included as the focus of the program include maintaining scheduled completion of capacity and economic development projects identified previously, continuing investments in major interstate capacity and economic development projects and adding non-stewardship capacity and economic development projects or phases of projects. A major component of the Iowa Transportation Improvement Program is the full integration of funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. So far the ARRA has provided approximately $400 million of federal funding for transportation in Iowa, including funding that is allocated to local governments and entities. Of that money, roughly $270 million has been allocated for transportation programs administered by the Iowa DOT. That money is included in the projects outlined in the five year program. ARRA funding will result in a record year for transportation construction in Iowa, and creation and retention of construction jobs. Additional ARRA funding may be available in the future.

Adult business idea prompts zoning discussion

At a recent meeting the Worth County Board of Supervisors learned of the potential sale of a Hanlontown property for use as a juice bar or strip club. The subject was brought to the supervisors by zoning administrator Jim Rice, who had been contacted by Hanlontown officials about the possibility of the County extending zoning into their town. The request followed word that someone may be interested in the building that formerly housed the Eagles Nest, for potential use as a strip club, or juice bar, which would feature nude or topless employees. Currently Hanlontown has no laws on the books, and no city zoning to base those laws on, which would regulate where adult businesses could set up shop. With that in mind, the City of Hanlontown sought out other possibilities, namely extending the County's zoning into their city limits. Currently there are three townships in the county that are zoned. The east half of Hanlontown is in the zoned Danville Township. That half of the city is also where the property in question is located. Though they empathized with the City's situation, the Supervisors expressed a reluctance to extend their zoning authority into city limits. "I don't think we should try to take over the city," said supervisor Jeff Creger. While there are no laws or zoning in Hanlontown, Rice suggested that other City laws may make it difficult for anyone to open a business at the former Eagles Nest location. He listed parking difficulties and sewer system limitations as examples. With Hanlontown's situation in mind, Rice also suggested to the Supervisors that with only three townships in the county zoned, anyone who would like to open an adult oriented business, or other enterprises unpopular with large portions of county residents, has few things preventing them from doing so in un-zoned areas, or in other towns in the county that have no zoning in place. With that concern in mind, he asked about the supervisors' interest in expanding zoning countywide. Supervisor Dennis May responded, saying, "We've been working towards countywide zoning, but I would like us to finish the projects that we have in progress first. Countywide zoning is not an immediate priority, but may be something to consider in the next few years."

Fireworks donations total $2,015

While Northwood's fireworks display has come and gone, and was a big hit with those viewing the explosive Forth finale, the funds to pay for the show were still coming in. The goal for this week's fireworks donations was $4,000. So far, $2,015 (more than half) has been raised. Donations received in the last week include $15 from Thelma Krull, $15 from Mr. and Mrs. Doug Wallin, $20 from the Bolan Schoolhouse and Lori Willert, $20 from Lynn and Betty Chapin, $20 from Dan and Julie Robb, $25 from Lolita Hammes, $25 from Melbourn and Carmen Butler, $25 from Doug and Pam Meyer, $25 from Thompson Saw Mill, $50 from Harvey Patterson, $50 from John and Elaine Meyer, $50 from Welsh Chiropractic, $60 from Ron and Lois Olson family, $100 in memory of Tom Mooney and $300 from Paula Harris, Bob Harris and Lonnie and Myra Harris. Donations are still needed and may be sent to the Northwood Fireworks Fund, PO Box 151, Northwood, IA 50459, or may be dropped off at Farmers State Bank, NSB Bank or the Anchor office. Checks should be made out to the Northwood Fireworkd Fund. Donationas are tax deductible.